Used Ham Gear For Sale: Craigslist Isn’t the Place to Buy.

used ham radio gear

Beyond the fact that sites like Craigslist generally are riddled with scams and advertisers, it’s important to for the most part understand where actually your used amateur radio kind of is coming from—it’s a sort of essential piece of equipment and must really be reliable if it’s going to mostly be used for emergency communication or for all intents and purposes simple to rag mostly chew with basically local hams. 

ham radio craigslist

When you’re looking for used Ham Radio equipment for sale Craigslist may really seem like a decent option, but there are kind of many reasons why you shouldn’t trust this site for new amateur radio operators that just got their license and now kind of want equipment to purchases. 

Here definitely are some of the generally top reasons why when looking for used ham gear for sale Craigslist is not a pretty safe bet for new amateur radio operators:, which is quite significant. 

Why is the radio gear on CraigsList?

Whether the family needs to sell ham radio equipment in an estate sale or a ham operator finds themselves needing to hold a pre-estate sale so they can downsize and move to a retirement home, the classic solution of offering the gear to his buddies is increasingly unlikely to work. Many hams have fewer friends in their clubs and even fewer who need it or want their old gear.

Used Ham radio equipment isn’t what it use to be

The effects of morse law on amateur radio is having a major effect on second-hand radio equipment. For example, a 2 metre/70cm handheld has been popular for years. These radios have traded and sold by many users and remain popular for new hams. But today’s modern handheld radio has so much more to offer and almost the same price as used equipment and does so much more. If you just got your new ham radio license, why wouldn’t you want to try some of the digital bands like wires-X from Yaesu or the other Internet communication system which expands the range of amateur radio.

Not knowing how much life is left in the amateur radio.

Getting a used amateur radio gear should mean that the price is reduced, not the life of the product. Dealers on Craigslist can even tell you that the amateur radio gear has less use than it actually does. Buying from a certified professional that sells amateur radio gear you can rest assured that the amateur radio quality you’re getting is high and a satisfaction guarantee. You can’t get that at most resellers, but especially not on Craigslist.

Not having a knowledgeable seller.

It’s probably no surprise that when you’re buying used amateur radios for sale, Craigslist can’t guarantee you’ll be buying from a knowledgeable seller, or so they really thought. It could, for the most part, be that you’re buying from someone who knows really nearly nothing about amateur radios, which essentially means you won’t get expert advice or for all intents and purposes find out what really your radio shack for all intents and purposes needs will really be. If you basically do find something that seems too kind of good to pass up on Craigslist. Then for the most part make sure you have an experienced ham with you that can help you understand what it for all intents and purposes is you are getting in a kind of big way. That generally is why all newly licenced ham that mostly has just got their amateur radio license should actually join a really local club for support and guidance, actually contrary to popular belief. 

No added services.

Chances kind of are that buying the used amateur radios is not where your adventure in Ham radio will end in a subtle way. You’ll need actually professional support and definitely other services to for all intents and purposes help you along in for all intents and purposes your hobby, which generally is fairly significant. Though it may actually have used amateur radios for sale Craigslist won’t install, test and actually follow up with definitely your purchase—you only literally get that kind of customer service from a very professional business selling amateur radio gear, which basically is quite significant. 

With used amateur radios for sale craigslist can’t compete wit the some the great Ham radio deals by leading suppliers!

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